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4246 South Tamiami Trail, Venice, FL 34293
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+1 941-623-9184


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  • Stan Collins
    Nov, 29 2018
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
    Most Amazing dental care ever!!! The staff are beyond wonderful. I had what remained of busted, broken, rotten teeth extracted. Completely removed everything top and bottom in one procedure. I was wearing my temporary set of dentures when i left :). During the time since, they have been extremely responsive and sensitive to my needs and abilities. The care and compassion with the most professional care given by Dr Grigoryan has made this one of the wisest decisions that i have ever done. Kat is an extraordinary Office Manager that does a phenomenal job of keeping the patients needs and staff running very smoothly. The knowledge and focus of Allen and Lana keep the front part interacting with the dental staff in such a seamless manor that it is always a pleasure to be in their proximity. Rory has done such an impressive job in guiding and dealing with my situations while providing a high level of dental care to me. Always has a smile and positive attitude with high energy. The ability and knowledge of Vicky is truly astonishing. Her manner of care and gentleness in dealing with patients while calming and putting our minds at ease is something other dental offices wish they could provide, but can not. I have got to(get to) say that Laura is a true artist in her profession. Her superb workmanship on crafting my dentures has been wonderful to wear and use. Great looking and smoothly done. Thanks. I have been wearing my permanent set of dentures for several months now. My pleasure at being able to smile at my wife and others has been enjoyed by all. The ability to chew and have a good meal, snack and just be normal is amazing.
    In closing, i would suggest that they give a small block of instruction on Dentures. Maybe an informative pamphlet? What to expect, adjustments to them, care and maintenance of the mouth and dentures. But, the Patent must understand, that they have the greatest responsibility to seek and then apply the knowledge to their particular situation.
    This Aspen Dental Office is where anybody that needs, we all do, dental care, should go to !!!!
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